Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Annapurna News.

We are here in Manang the gateway to Annapurna.  Our height is 3540 mts.  Today we did an acclimatisation exercise and climbed to 3800 mts.  The trek so far is enjoyable an everyone is in good form and settling into the pace.  Kay you wouldave loved the bridges especially the first one.  We crossed a rickety bridge, not too stable with the glacier river torrenting underneath.  The landscape up to Manang is fertile, passing rice paddi fields, corn, everything green and luscious and surrounded by snowcapped mountains.  Scenery is something else.  Tomorrow we start on our trek over the Thorung la Pass.  Evenings get very cold.  Sunday we had snow and I wasn't prepared for so went walking in the snow with my fleepersoce wrapped round my legs and whatever else was left in my bag on my person.  Next day we were prepared and walked in a fairy christmas wonderland - fantastic.  I hope all is well with you .  I hope Diarmo is alright.  Will try and email you again.  Not great here = mouse keeps hopping.  Good luck.  Marguerita.

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