Sunday, May 29, 2022

Club Meeting

 Wednesday 1st June at 8p.m. in the Drawing Room ,Club House Hotel, Patrick Street.

Be there - have your say.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Club trip to La Gomera & Tenerife


28 members of Tyndall mountain club took part in our recent trip to La Gomera, and Tenerife. February 2022

We spent 7 nights on La Gomera, and 2 nights back in Tenerife. We did our own guided walks, the leaders made up from within our group. Martin Brett and Cyril Moriarty, our two main leaders, were on La Gomera a few days before the main group and had checked out routes in advance of our arrival.

We trekked for 6 days on La GOMERA from our base in Val Gran Rey, we had varied walks and all the group took part in most of the walks, our first walk was a real test from Val gran Rey to Arure in blazing sunshine we climbed 971m over 8.50km.

Other highlights were our walk through the spectacular rainforest which covers the centre of the Island, up to the highest point on the Island Graahanroy, also our walk up to the Mirador de Abrante, although the restaurant was closed the group could go out onto the glass bottom

for some spectacular views across to Tenerife and La Palma. John Hughes did a marathon 30.0km solo trek taking in all the high villages around Valle Gran Rey. Cyril took a group from Val Gran Rey all the way up to Las Hayas and then onto Arure a good 13km trek.

We travelled back on ferry to Tenerife, and on our second last day went up to the base of Tiede and walked back the 18k to Villaflor, again a lovely walk in glorious sunshine and a great trek to end our holiday.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Publication Achievement

 Mountaineering Ireland has won a prestigious prize at The Banff Mountain Book Festival with

'Irish Peaks'.  Check it here.

A wonderful showcase of the rugged beauty of the island of Ireland’s upland landscapes, Irish Peaks made me want to head for these hills. This book combines detailed route guides to the highest 101 mountains with incredible photography and comprehensive guides to their natural and hill-walking history.