Tick Talk - Lyme Disease awareness.

 Protecting against Lyme disease when taking part in outdoor pursuits

Lyme disease, which is spread by tick bites, can, in a minority of cases, cause severe debilitating heart and nervous system disease.  (Tick = Sciortán in Irish)

Ticks are tiny insect-like creatures that feed on the blood of mammals and birds and will also feed on humans.  Ticks are more active and numerous in the summer months and protecting against tick bites protects against Lyme disease. 

Be vigilant against tick bites.

Tick bites can be prevented by:
·         Wearing long trousers, long-sleeved shirt and shoes
·         Using insect repellent
·         Checking skin, hair and warm skin-folds (especially the neck and scalp of children) for ticks after a day out
·         Removing any ticks and consulting with a GP if symptoms develop 

Further important information on protecting against Lyme disease, an information leaflet and a poster are available at http://www.hpsc.ie/hpsc/A-Z/Vectorborne/LymeDisease/

Info courtesy of:
Consultant in Public Health Medicine,
Secretary to the South East Regional Zoonoses Committee,
Public Health Department.

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